Pamex 2020: Komori sells two kits

Komori, which came to Pamex 2020 with an offer to provide a free ticket to attend Drupa 2020 to customers who book a machine at the show sold two kits to its existing customers, both from Delhi.

10 Jan 2020 | By PrintWeek Team

Team Komori and Team Polykam Offset

On the first day, Advantage Offset booked a Komori Lithrone G 37. This is the second Komori kit at Advantage, the first being a Lithrone A 437 installed in 2015.

Later, Polykam Offset booked a five-colour Komori GL 537 plus online coater printing press. This is the company’s third Komori in a span of four years. The previous two kits are Komori GL 437 and Enthrone 429.

Ashwani Gulati, proprietor, Advantage Offset, said the company decided to invest in the second Komori as it was impressed with quality of Komori printing and services. “The GL 437 with coater is equipped with cutting-edge technologies. The machine will help us boost our production and will attract new jobs,” Gulati said.

Jasvir Singh, proprietor, Polykam Offset, said, “I was facing many challenges with offline coater which was hampering my production, especially for corporate clients. Our primary target is to tap big corporates and deliver their work within time. The requirement of coating jobs has increased in the market. So now with this new online coating press, we will expand and diversify our portfolio in different verticals of corporate jobs and also overcome from hurdles of coating jobs.”

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