Pamex 2020: Gayathri Machineries introduces Multigraf CF375

Chennai-based Gayathri Machineries introduced CF375 creasing and folding machine from Multigraf at Pamex 2020 held between 6 and 9 January 2020 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai.

06 Jan 2020 | By Sriraam Selvam

“The CF375 is manufactured to meet the needs of the new-age digital printer and the traditional offset printers.  With the capacity to handle up to 50,000 sheets per day, we believe, the machine can handle the rigours of any setup,” said Uday Grover of Gayathri Machineries.

The machine can handle between 80 and 400-gsm paper and has a fully automatic setting of groove depths for different thickness. It is equipped with a touchline vacuum feeder with a capacity of 180-mm and can also be attached to the Multigraf Pile Feeder Mistral with a capacity of 660-mm. The maximum sheet size is 375x660-mm. Using the optional table extension, sheet sizes of up to 375x1,050-mm can also be processed.

“The machine uses a unique Swing Bar system to prevent the breaking of paper fibres during the creasing process, while the folding unit uses Multigraf's patented Pro-Knife system which guarantees a perfect folding process even with thicker sheets,” explained Grover.

“The machine is really simple to operate thanks to the touch panel. The machine is also equipped with an ultrasonic double sheet detector and an online perforating device can be added. It takes only 30 seconds to set up a new job and output the first sheet. Moreover, as it doesn’t require a separate air pump the operation is quiet. The tiny footprint of 1,850x610-mm is an advantage, especially for Indian print firms,” concluded Grover.