Pamex 2020: Boxtech introduces new Velocity folder gluer

Bengaluru-based manufacturers of carton folder gluers introduced three machines at Pamex 2020 in Mumbai. According to Ajay Nayak of Boxtech, the machines have enabled the company to become an one-stop solution provider in the carton folding and gluing segment.

09 Jan 2020 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

Ajay Nayak of Boxtech

The three new machines include a new version of Boxtech’s Velocity carton folding and gluing machine, an automatic box delivering machine, and a banding machine.

At its stall, Boxtech displayed a fully automatic machine setup, where the Velocity kit was integrated with a Codemat barcode reader for inspection, a Plasma kit for achieving accuracy in glue flaps, and an automatic box delivering machine at the end.

Nayak said, “A major advantage of the new Velocity machine is that it can produce the lock bottom outer cartons, which is in demand in the pharma market. It is a challenging job, as these cartons have a higher length and lower width and require zigzag folding operations at many cases.”

According to Nayak, the folder gluer can be integrated with two types of inspection systems. One requires manual intervention, where the faulty carton can be picked after stopping the machine. And the second system automatically ejects the cartons through the usage of a pneumatic injection.

The Codemat inspection solution provider, Precision Cutting Systems comprises of the top industry names in its clientele such Printmann Group, TCPL Packaging, and Huhtamaki, among others. Kiran More of Precision Cutting Systems said, “Our online barcode inspection systems to detect mixed up cartons with optimum accuracy. Codemat, along with the integrations Plasma and pneumatic injection is the paradigm when it comes to carton folder gluers machines.”

Highlighting Boxtech’s newly unveiled automatic box delivering machines, Nayak said that it reduces labour costs and increases production efficiency. “Our carton collecting machine can deliver one lakh cartons per hour, and it can be attached to any folder gluer.” 

In addition, Boxtech also launched a banding machine to eradicate the need of rubber bands after manufacturing of the carton, “The machine  was developed for the pharma market, to cater to its stringent norms pertaining to bands,” said Nayak. Boxtech provides two types of banding machines – table top and in-built big roll banding machine.

Nayak said that the company had closed two deals at the Pamex show. He also mentioned the installation of two machines at Techno Graphics, Ahmedabad, in a span of two months. Techno procured the entire setup including the add-ons from Boxtech.

He added, “We have sold six velocity machines in the Ahmedabad region, which include top names such as Astron Packaging and Jay Printers.”

Boxtech has doubled its production capacity in Bengaluru in October 2019, by installing a new 15,000 sq/ft facility in Dabaspet Industrial Area, Bengaluru. “We have started the assembling unit in Dabaspet, as our machines require a huge space to employ the assembling operations.”