Pamex 2020: Ample scores a hat-trick with Tiancen

New-Delhi based Ample Graphics signed three deals for Tiancen’s new high-speed lamination machine, KFM106MC during the Pamex show.

08 Jan 2020 | By Noel D'Cunha

Komal and Pankaj Kalra of Dimple Packaging with team Ample

Tiancen is a China-based manufacturer of dry lamination machines and is represented by Ample Graphics in India for the last five years.

The three companies which signed the deals are Manohar Filament from Sonipat, Azure Press from Bahadurgarh and Dimple Packaging of Ludhiana.

The press on display at the Pamex show will be shipped to Manohar Filament after the show is over.

The new model, KFM106MC, was launched in China in August 2019. Ample has used the Pamex platform to introduce the machine to the Indian market.

Rajeev Jagga, director at Ample, claimed that the latest 2019 version of the Tiancen kit, KFM, is the fastest dry lamination machine to be introduced in India. “It is capable of achieving a speed of 100-mt/min,” he said.

Jagga explained, “This speed improvement is achieved by increasing the drying cylinder diameter from 800-mm to 1100-mm, allowing a higher residence time for the film, thereby achieving improved drying performance.”

Tiancen has made few improvements in design and have added specific technical advancements enabling the prices for lamination machines to drop by nearly 20% over the last five years. “That’s how we are enhancing customer delight,” concluded Jagga.