PackPlus 2019: Luster showcases its vision inspection solutions

Beijing headquartered Luster LightTech Group, which provides automated vision inspection solutions and intelligent big data management service for flexible packaging, label, sheetfed packaging and tobacco packaging, made its debut at PackPlus 2019, which concluded at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi on 31 August 2019.

02 Sep 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

(l-r) Alex Cao, senior sales manager, Luster LightTech Group and KD Sahni, managing director, Weldon Celloplast

Luster was at the show with its Indian partner Weldon Celloplast. This is the company’s second exhibition in India, after Labelexpo India 2018.

Alex Cao, senior sales manager, Luster LightTech Group, said while the company inked four deals during the exhibition, it had received better response at Labelexpo compared to PackPlus. “At PackPlus, many exhibitors are printers and they don’t roam round. So the response was mixed,” he said.

Cao said the company wants to create awareness about Luster in the Indian market. “We have specialisation in inspection systems. Our solutions are compatible with entire workflow of a print production company — pre-press, on press and off-the-press,” he said.

So far, the company has installed four machines in India, three through Weldon and one on its own. All four installations are offline inspection system for narrow-web.

“People in India and other overseas market have the perception that if it is Chinese, it must be cheap. But the situation has changed in the last two decades and we have improved a lot. We are using European technology, only the metallurgy and manufacturing are Chinese,” Cao said. “For instance, for the folder-gluer inspection system, the software part was developed by us on our own and the remaining technology came from Canada.”

Cao agrees that every manufacturer and technology provider has limitations and therefore, it should not give false hope to prospective customers. “We want people to see the machines before make the decision,” he said.

The company has 1,300 employees in China and has an annual turnover of USD 350-million. Luster has 70% market share in China. Even the Chinese currency notes are inspected on Luster equipment. Mobile manufacturing companies like Apple and Samsung use Luster equipment to check their screen quality and displays.

Kanwardeep Sahni, managing director, Weldon Celloplast, said Luster is one of the youngest companies in Indian market. “We came together after Labelexpo India 2018. We want to create awareness in the market that the technology and equipment are provided by Luster is one of the best. Luster’s products are affordable and user-friendly,” he said.

Sahni said the price of a Luster machine is around 25% less compared to its European counterparts. “There are many manufacturers of inspection systems who buy cameras from Luster and put on their equipment,” he said.