PackPlus 2019: B&R Industrial Automation highlights its solutions

B&R Industrial Automation, a major player in machine and factory automation in the packaging industry, highlighted its modular, flexible and integrated solutions during PackPlus 2019, held at Pragati Maidan from 28 to August 31.

06 Sep 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

The B&R Industrial Automation stall during PackPlus 2019

According to Dinesh Mungi, packaging industry expert, B&R Industrial Automation, these solutions help machine builders cost-effectively build scalable and modular machines. “Machines as well as factories usually need high availability and efficiency with low downtimes. To cater to these demands, we also displayed our solutions for predictive maintenance, condition and energy monitoring and edge architectures for industrial IoT-ready machines and factories at the show,” he added.

Mungi said digitisation is the key to providing individualised packed products. Today, trends toward increased individualisation and personalisation for targeted marketing campaigns are driving demands for shorter runs and faster turnaround times. Goals such as increased production flexibility, reduced downtime, minimised wastage and more efficient line integration can all be achieved much more easily with an integrated automation solution.

“B&R has been a pioneer in providing integrated automation solutions and we fulfill all the requirements of modern digital production, allowing machine builders implement digital technology, achieve a 100% digital workflow and connect production lines to a worldwide communication network,” he said.

He added that digital post-press technology allows custom finishing of individual packed items without the expensive buffers that are otherwise required. “Implement a digital workflow by connecting machines with the real-time capabilities of a powerlink network together with OPC UA for machine-to-machine and machine-to-IT/cloud systems,” he explained.

In addition, he said, the industry demands maximum productivity and performance with high-precision motion control. The challenge at the heart of today's market is to achieve cost-effective and error-free production of short-run print jobs at reproducible high quality.

“We offer high-precision motion control and ready-made technology solutions such as virtual sensing and model predictive control, register control, multi-zone tension control, registration mark detection and processing, compensation of motor cogging and winding calculator, to name a few,” he said.

Mungi said the packaging industry has seen a sustained growth over the past years and with the digital revolution, the industry is seeing increased influx of new growth avenues. “Consumer demand for customised products is on the rise. A product's packaging plays crucial role in its success and the success of a packaging machine depends on how quickly, and easily it can adapt to new trends. Mechatronic development, robotic integration, safety and security, performance inspection and traceability, maximum uptime, remote maintenance to achieve a new level of OEE, better quality and maximum sustainability are some of the trends set to impact the global packaging industry,” he added.