PackPlus 2018: Impel to launch all-random taping machine

Mumbai-based Impel Services, which specialises in end-of-line packaging machines, will launch an all-random taping machine at the show.

23 Jul 2018 | By Rushikesh Aravkar

The machine will be an addition to Impel’s Stelda range of case sealers.

The USP of the machine, according to P Sajith, director, Impel, is the ability of the kit to determine the box size on the fly and adjust the machine setting accordingly.

“Under the Stelda brand, we offer an extensive range of case sealing technologies including hotmelt, cold glue, BOPP tape and a combination of these. This not only allows the user to make sure the shipper is secured but also enables tamper evidence,” added Sajith.

Impel will also demonstrate Stelda Pacstation, which helps erect a case manually and place the products inside before pushing it onto a case sealer.

"Plus there is a bottom taping machine, which helps the user to ready the shippers with bottom taping that can be further sent downstream for filling and top sealing."

Moreover, Impel has designed and developed case erector, which is available in two versions: hot glue and BOPP tape.

“Impel’s case erectors are quite forgiving when it comes to the quality of boxes available and hence are best suited for the Indian market. The positive opening of the box, using two arms ensures that the box squares up while opening,” added Sajith.

PackPlus 2018 Hall 10, Stall 21