PackPlus 2018: BST Eltromat launches automation services

BST Eltromat, the leading provider of quality assurance systems for web-processing industries, announced the launch of its automation division during PackPlus 2018, held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from 25 to 28 July.

30 Jul 2018 | By Rahul Kumar

Vikrant Jairath of BST Eltromat

Vikrant Jairath, general manager – automation, said it’s first time at the show that the company is talking about its automation services. “Initially, we are starting automation with converting/ printing machineries, and later on we will give our services to steel and tyre industries too. We have good presence in both the industries along with graphic art with our existing product portfolio,” he said.

According to Jairath, the company found that existing machines have different shortcoming and these shortcoming can be removed by upgradation of technology and software. “We will try to provide upgradation of technology to Indian manufactures as well so that they can sell their products in global market without any hesitation like China does. We will improve the process, in which things can be removed which are not required or obsolete,” he said.

He added that the treatment will depend upon machines and processes. “Basic changes in process, software and machines will improve the products quality and increase the production speed,” he added.

In future, BST has plans to provide automation services for plant, factory and process industries.

For the printing and packaging industries, Jairath said, the company has technical collaborations with an Italian company. “Earlier if some printer was planning to reduce 50 seconds in production time on an Electronic Line Shaft (ELS) gravure printing press, it was not possible. But nowadays, it can be done by doing some changes in software,” he explained.

Primarily, the automation will be technical and software-based. “We will suggest mechanical changes if require. Yes, we have capabilities for mechanical automation too,” Jairath concluded.  

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