P Sajith of Bindwel-Stelda: An Award judged by the print buyers

Bindwel-Stelda Group is the Platinum Partner of PrintWeek Awards 2023 (Bindwel, Stelda and SigLoch), and the sponsor of the Book Printer of the Year and Packaging Converter of the Year categories. Pallippuram Sajith of Bindwel-Stelda advocates simple, frugal and sustainable printing

19 Oct 2023 | By PrintWeek Team

Pallippuram Sajith

USP of the PW Awards 
Here is an Award which is judged by the print buyers, who will not only evaluate how good the job looks, but also will seek answers like whether it will last enough, serve the end-user properly, be sustainable, and engage with the young people of India. 

Innovation and quality standards  
While print innovation should help sell a product, be it a magazine or a cereal, I am against wasteful innovation. As print helps consume something, it should deliver the purpose in the simplest, frugal and sustainable way.  A book cover may or may not have the best of embellishments, but it should serve the basic purpose of being easy on the hands and eyes of its reader and not fall apart. If the job wastes more paper or ink and puts more plastic in the environment, then what is the point in judging its dot quality?
Expectations from the industry 
There is a lot of wastage and excessive usage of material in print and packaging which needs serious tackling. It’s time we focused on standardisation of formats instead of personalisation. Packaging must be sustainable, pilfer deterrent and also lead to safe delivery of the product to the consumer. 
About Bindwel-Stelda
The Bindwel-Stelda group of companies promoted by Impel are leaders in their chosen fields of operations. Bindwel is South and Middle East Asia’s largest manufacturer-supplier of bookbinding solutions. Stelda Packaging provides solutions to brands in India for end-of-line packaging that delivers their products safely and in a sustainable way. We have entered a new vertical of digital post-press, with the brand name of SigLoch, and with a promise of delivering solutions that match offset quality to short-run consumers.