Nutech Print Services replaces older kit with RMGT 920

Faridabad-based Nutech Print Services has installed a four-colour RMGT 920 printing press. This investment is a part of Nutech’s plan to replace its old printing presses with new RMGT machines. According to Ravi Shroff of Nutech Print Services, in future the company may replace more old presses with new ones.

16 Oct 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

Ravi Shroff of Nutech Print Services

Shroff said within the challenging scenario of today’s printing, adoption of new technology is one the key. “That’s why we went for a new printing press, and we settled for RMGT because we have been using Mitsubishi machines since 2004. Our workforce and print production environment are familiar with the machine,” Shroff said.

The machine is equipped with RP920-780MB high precision plate punch and bender system; automatic ink roller cleaning device; automatic blanket cleaning device; hollow roller and piping parts set for ink roller temperature control system; CIP4 and others. The RMGT 920 can print maximum sheets of 640-mmx920-mm.

“Keeping in mind the changing needs of the book publishing market, we feel that the RMGT A-format presses are extremely productive. It's a perfect fit for a market that is extremely cost-conscious, and where print-runs are becoming shorter by the day,” Shroff said. “Consumption patterns have shifted over the last few years, and by taking cognisance of this trend, we have phased out several B-format presses in favour of smaller 36-inches presses. With the addition of this press to our existing battery of presses, we are equipped to fulfil our customers' needs better.”

Looking at current headwinds in the global economy, Nutech is looking to consolidate its position as a dominant player in the market. Shroff said the new RMGT press is symbolic of its commitment to continuously improve its offerings. “We are also investing heavily in human capital. We believe that sustainable growth can be achieved not by offering the lowest price, but by improving skill sets and customer offerings — and thus creating better value. We are in business for the long haul, and this financial year will see progress on multiple fronts to achieve this goal,” he added.

The Nutech book dream started at Drupa 2004, as the company signed up for two brand-new Mitsubishi Dimaond 3000 four-colour presses. “Reflecting over the past 15 years, we have seen our dream mature, and take us on journeys we could not even fathom at the time. All this has been possible due to continuously positioning Nutech strategically in a market that is more competitive now than ever,” Shroff concluded.