NPES Spotlight

A strong ‘we’ll do’ and a positive attitude from all involved is must for innovation.

26 Jun 2011 | By Ramu Ramanathan

During the NPES Print Business Outlook on 5 February 2017,Raymond Duval, director, solutions sales, Ultimate TechnoGraphics, talked about optimising and automating photobook and photo print production.

Predictions for 2017
Print service providers will continue to embrace on new technologies to automate production and will invest in software, finishing hardware and other tools to increase capabilities to handle a higher volume of short runs. In general, the industry will continue to see mergers and acquisitions, especially among larger organisations. 

Print business model
Print will always exist. Change will always be present. Innovation will always remain a must. The world is transforming and those whom adapt and innovate will succeed. Today, the access to information and tool is omnipresent and one can easily embrace these to transform their business model and enjoy success. 

New technologies
Software automation and machine automation is the way to grow. From several decades ago, when the industry adopted the change from CTF to CTP and more recently, from CTP/offset into on-demand digital printing, transformation happened and positive growth materialised for those whom were early adopters of technology, such as automated imposition software solutions. The same is happening today, you do not want a way out, but a way up! 

How to innovate?
Innovation is a mix of investing into infrastructure and into human capital. To optimise one’s business and transform it into a growing entity, the people must adopt, embrace and be empowered by new technology and the investments made. It is very much like piano lessons: 10% comes from the teacher, 10% come from the good piano and 80% comes from the person who will be playing. A strong ‘we’ll do’ and a positive attitude from all involved will matter. 

Digital print in India
Successful printing operations are already investing or planning to invest in digital printing to ensure they can capture the business and grow in their very owned segment, whether they are general commercial printers, photo specialty, book printers, transactional or packaging/labels. Runs will always be shorter, volume will inevitably be higher and delivery times will continue to be shorter. Investing in the right technology and choosing the right partners for your very own business is essential. 

Social media for a print firm
To access and capture new business in today’s world, one must use and devote energy into online marketing and social media to create and develop their community. Everything is happening so fast today that online marketing is an essential component on a successful business.