New technologies for newspaper printing: Baldwin Vision Systems India

Former competitors QuadTech, Web Printing Controls, PC Industries are now combining products, expertise and engineering talent through the recent acquisition by Baldwin Technology Company.

19 Sep 2018 | By Rahul Kumar

Hemant Desai

The new Baldwin Vision Systems is able to offer a comprehensive automation portfolio to the newspaper industry. During Wan-Ifra 2018, Baldwin will showcase how its existing technologies can benefit the newspapers industry and how its enhanced product line offers stronger solutions for this specific sector.

“We will showcase our register and colour management products,” said Hemant Desai, general manager, Baldwin Vision Systems India. “Robust, reliable automated controls are becoming ever more essential for printers to achieve acceptable quality and colour consistency. It also contributes to the process of reducing ink consumption. Depending on the type of application, newspaper printers can reduce ink consumption as much as 10%, thanks to our products helping to control concentrated ink density and quantity on the paper.”

This has been a key year for the company. The existing team in India came together 1986 with QuadTech, and with the merger, which took place this year, the company is growing significantly. “In addition to our solid establishment in Indian and the South Asian region, we have gained strength and support, as our parent company is a technology company. We have a larger portfolio of solutions to offer, and a larger global network to support those solutions,” Desai said.

For the future, Desai said, automated controls will be even more essential to increase efficiencies and reduce waste, directly impacting printers’ bottom lines. “The big newspapers are moving their local facilities, some are moving from cities, some are moving from big sites to smaller sites or the opposite with the consolidation of small sites heading their capacities into big sites. In any case, these changes lead to a consolidation to get better efficiency,” he said.

Desai added that Baldwin control systems are also keys to maintain ad print quality and consistency. “These are essential as they represent one of the major financial sources for a newspaper. Again, the quality of these ads is the key for newspapers to maintain the satisfaction of advertisers and keep the level of revenues from them,” he said.