New book sheds light on shrink sleeves sustainability

Chetan Jain, executive director of Taurus Packaging, has come up with a new book, 5 Myths about Sustainable Shrink Sleeves, which offers an insight into the sustainability of the global plastic recycling movement from the point of view of shrink sleeves.

05 Sep 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

The book offers a fresh perspective on what could be the opportunities in sustainability

According to Jain, the book also offers a fresh perspective on what could be the opportunities in sustainability. 

The book will be released during the Elite Flexible Packaging Business Conference 2022 in Mumbai on 5-6 September. It is also available for purchase on eCommerce platforms. 

This is Jain’s second book. Previously, he has authored Sleeve it Right: 7 Secrets of Shrink Sleeve Not Known to India’s FMCG Business, a bestseller in the packaging industry.

“Sustainability in Shrink sleeves has been a debatable issue so far, and in today’s world, recycling of plastic is not just an option but the need of the hour. Through this book, I have tried to shed some light over the misconceptions prevailing in the packaging industry and some efforts happening globally,” Jain said about the book. 

An innovator, thought leader, and an expert in shrink sleeves, under Jain’s leadership, Taurus Packaging has developed the HIP Framework as it continues to grow as an industry expert. Jain was also ranked 58 in top 100 influencers of the Indian Printing Industry for 2021 by PrintWeek.

Jain said the book is for plastic raw material manufacturers, shrink sleeve converters, label converters, bottle/container manufacturers, recyclers, packaging professionals, sustainability professionals, brand owners, CEOs, and students of the plastic and packaging industry.

“Anyone who is a part of the global plastic lifecycle and who has heard words like safe plastics, sustainability, and recycling, should read this book,” Jain said. “It busts open five myths and misconceptions about the recycling of labels and sustainable shrink sleeves that everyone in the industry must know.”

According to Jain, the three key points of the book are — shrink sleeves and its recycling effect; PVC to PETG easy transition and global sustainable shrink sleeves trends.

He said the book uncovers the issues in sustainable packaging that hinders the knowledge of all existing opportunities. “It will also help you understand the technical aspects in converting operations to inculcate the global trends. This book will guide you to understand the recycling process and its practical application with shrink sleeves,” he added.