Munish Aggarwal, first Indian to be inducted in Gutenberg’s Knights

Print industry veteran, Munish Aggarwal is the first Indian to be inducted as Gutenberg’s Knights at the first investiture ceremony of the new Portuguese association Lusophone Association of Gutenberg's Knights on 22 June 2018.

10 Aug 2018 | By Sriraam Selvam

Munish Aggarwal receiving the Knighthood from Prof Luiz Humberto Jardim Marcos

The Gutenberg Knights is a confraternity that was born in France in 1996 as an organisation to promote and develop the printing industry and is currently present in six European countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and Poland.

The newly constituted, non-profit, Portuguese association, Lusophone Association of Gutenberg's Knights (Cavaleiros de Gutenberg – Associação Lusófona), aims to defend and promote the printed word, contributing by all the legal means in its reach to the preservation, diffusion, improvement and development of the printed communication of the countries of Portuguese culture and language.

14 newly inducted Knights from India, Portugal and Spain

To achieve its objectives, the association shall promote cultural and educational initiatives in the geographic and cultural area of the Portuguese language.

The ceremony was led by the president of the Portuguese Association Prof Luiz Humberto Jardim Marcos, during which 14 new members were inducted – new Knights from Portugal, India and Spain, who will contribute in their countries of origin to the promotion of this association.

The ceremony ended with a tribute to the promoter of this initiative, inducting as honorary member chancellor of The Polish Guild of Gutenberg’s Knights, Jacek Kuśmierczyk in the presence of the Polish Ambassador, Jacek Junosza Kisielewski.