Monotech installs Jetsci YUV in South Africa

Monotech Systems, in association with its channel partner Packwise-Africa, has installed a Jetsci YUV high-speed inkjet imprinting system for monochrome variable data printing in Pinetown/Durban, South Africa-based Blueprint Labelling.

07 Mar 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

Devlin and Wade Brodowicz, directors, Blueprint Labelling

“We were looking for a solution for printing variable data for personalisation of labels at high speeds with high quality. After thorough research, we found that the Jetsci inkjet imprinting system was a good match. It is productive and delivers great quality of printing,” says Devlin/Wade Brodowicz, directors, Blueprint Labelling.

Blueprint was established in 2012 by Devlin and Wade Brodowicz, initially trading as Label Mart, before specialising in variable data printing. It still forms an integral part of the business, among other specialised and full-colour printing.

Jetsci YUV delivers the premium solution for printing variable data at high speeds with very high quality. It can be adapted to any existing setup and upgrade conventional printing web press, sheetfed, converting lines with digital (imprinting) production systems. Due to its modular design, flexibility and cost-effectiveness, a wide range of applications can be targeted with these systems. A fully integrated inkjet system and customised standalone printing solution can also be designed and offered for bespoke applications.

“With this first installation, we’ve opened the doors for personalisation and other VDP opportunities on pre-printed labels for the converters in South Africa market using high speed, high-resolution industrial inkjet printers for our partners Jetsci Global,” Uwe Bögl, director, Packwise-Africa, said.

“Blueprint Labelling’s inkjet printing partner, the Jetsci YUV is our proven system for variable data printing that can be retrofitted to existing web offset and flexo machines,” said Neeraj Thappa, vice-president, Jetsci Global.