MN Enterprises invests in Thermostar T9 from TechNova

Indore-based MN Enterprises has recently invested in a Thermostar T9 VLF CTP platesetter-T1400 with HY-PSTB-1720IV-PCT processor. The machine was supplied and installed by TechNova Imaging Systems.

26 Jun 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

Mayank Mittal of MN Enterprises

Mayank Mittal of MN Enterprises said, “In Madhya Pradesh, there were no VLF CTP devices before us to serve the local customers. They were dependent on bureaus from other cities. As we have a base in Indore, having a VLF CTP will help us cater to the customers within Indore and across central India.”

He added that TechNova played a crucial role by providing all the expertise, guidance, technical support, and feedback from the existing customers and above all, providing the VLF CTP device to back its need of demand and supply.

Started with paper trading in 1999 and plate service bureau in 2008, MN Enterprises has been serving the printing industry for more than two decades and enjoys a healthy and cordial relationship with its customers.

The company is managed by Rajendra Mittal and his son Mayank. The senior Mittal handles the paper trading business and Mayank Mittal takes care of the plate service bureau business.

Mittal said the company has seen a noticeable increase in the demand for digitally processed printing plates with every passing year with more demand for quality, automation and quick service.

“Quality and consistency backed with timely delivery has always been a challenge,” he said. “Plates from TechNova have helped us to maintain the market standards and stay ahead of the competition.”

He added, “We cater to all segments of the printing industry, be it commercial, packaging, publication or book printing. TechNova helps us to understand the needs of each segment and provides plates as per the application of customers. This has been one of the important factors in installing the Thermostar T9 to make it compatible with the changing needs of the customers.”

Previously, the company had Basysprint 861 CTP for commercial printing.

With the new investment, the company hopes to grow by 25%.