MMS roundtable highlights on digital packaging

The Mumbai Mudrak Sangh (MMS) hosted the sixth edition of its roundtable conference on 14 April 2023 at MCA Club, BKC, Mumbai. The interactions between eight expert leaders in eight different groups were centred around rethink, redesign and realign.

17 Apr 2023 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

At the roundtable, over ten printing professionals shared their valuable insights, with their expertise in respective domains, on digital packaging technologies.

Digital packaging allows for highly customised and personalised packaging designs, catering to individual customer preferences and market demands. However, the potential for the same has not been recognised by the industry. One of the members expressed grief over the same and said that the technology is not viable in terms of cost and variable processing.

One of the print experts at the table, Saifee Makasarwala of Silverpoint, said that to achieve the goal of digital packaging the most prior step is to develop a mindset in accordance.  

Another highlight of the discussion was the importance of collaboration and partnerships in the digital packaging ecosystem, including best practices for communication, coordination, and integration, among different.



Print expert: Saifee Makasarwala, Silverpoint Press

Industry expert: Amit Khurana, TechNova

Delegates: Gobind Panjabi of Rukson Packaging, Parag Pimple of TechNova, Iqbal Kherodawala of Printline Reproductions, Fenil Shah of V-Pack, Harshad Patel of Perfect Print & Pack, Srikanth ES of Biz Needs, Sanjay Nagrani of Sanjay Arts, Anselm Dsa of Canon, Yash Pahuja of Colors Packaging Solutions, Aspi Forbes of JAK Printers, Aditya Ghosalkar of PrintWeek/WhatPackaging magazines