Rapid-fire with Anuj Bhargava of Kumar Labels

When Kumar Labels ventured into the label business in 2007, the market was very different. As Anuj Bhargava said, “There was a scarcity of label printers and People were looking out. We never had to go out and look for customers. The name and reputation of our group company, Kumar Printers, always helped as people knew that we did a great job. Lately with excessive (and sometimes "unhealthy competition"), things are different.”

05 Mar 2018 | By Rahul Kumar

Rahul Kumar of PrintWeek India and WhatPackaging? spent a full day at the factory in Greater Noida, and culminated it with a rapid-fire Q&A.

How did you get into alco-bev labels? 
Quite simple. It is high value-add + high volume = Alco-Bev.

What is your dream bit of kit?
A 40-inch combinational press in-line with my label stock coater with on-the-fly change over.

What is your favourite film? 
I don’t watch films.

Who or what do you hate the most?
Not giving one’s best.

What is your favourite saying? 
No pain, no gain.  

What is the strangest job you’ve ever done?
From order to delivery of 283 variants of a label in 10 hours!

Which international airport would you like to be stuck on – and why? 
Moscow – to see the most innovative alco-bev packaging.

One thing about the alco-bev industry in India no one knows anything about?
That there are some incredible companies with super honest people where business can be done in absolutely clean ways.

What’s your worst fashion disaster? 
I am a total fashion disaster wearing kurta and jeans even to customer meetings.

What is the worst kind of print? 
Bad design with a lot of value addition.

A good label is…?
Well designed and minimalistic.

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