Mintel reveals global packaging trends

The market intelligence agency, Mintel, has announced four trends that will influence the global packaging industry in the year 2019. These are connected packaging, closing the loop, reinventing the box and plastic-free.

12 Apr 2019 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

The Mintel report on packaging trends for 2019

David Luttenburger, global packaging director at Mintel, said, “Brands have a wealth of options to connect virtually with packaging; from QR codes and other graphics markers to near field communication, radio frequency identification, Bluetooth and augmented reality.”

In simple terms, though recyclable packaging claims have become common, claims to include recycled content are still rare. In addition to it, the improvements will drive up the capacity for high-quality recycled material and will increase the usage of recycled material in new packaging.

Closing the loop, the third trend, provides the opportunity to differentiate and ride consumer awareness of recycling issues.

Reinventing the box is all about the limitless opportunities for brand marketers to think about the next generation of shelf presence, the 'hero images' on retailers' websites, and the 'unboxing' experience. In eCommerce, brands are learning that messaging and branding should be split between the secondary, or shipping container - shifting traditional decoration and copy to the interior.

Maritime plastic pollution has become one of the world’s most serious environmental problems, and there is a growing need for different attitudes to the material. “Brands should act now, either to ensure a place in emerging plastic-free zones by switching to acceptable pack materials, or by engaging with the debate, clearly explaining the benefits of plastic packaging to their product, and addressing plastic pollution concerns with appropriate end of life pack solutions,” Luttenburger added.