MicroPrints upgrades its production with RMGT

Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi-based MicroPrints has upgraded its print production with a new RMGT 920ST-4, a four-colour printing press, supplied and installed by RMGT’s Indian representative Provin Technos.

19 Nov 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

(l-r) Varun Johar, managing director, and Rakesh Johar, director, MircoPrints

Varun Johar, managing director, MicroPrints, said, “We have upgraded our offset print production by adding a four-colour RMGT printing press, thereby taking our pre-owned six-colour printing press out of production.”

He said the company is planning more upgrades in the press area.

“We found the RMGT to be a perfect press for books and commercial production. Being a capital equipment and first-ever brand-new printing press for us, there were multiple questions on our minds and Provin Technos answered all,” he said.

He added, “There were multiple reasons to choose the RMGT. The first was users’ feedback. I found that all RMGT users in our industrial area were satisfied with the product. After-sales service is a key in capital equipment and the market gave me positive feedback. This press has the smallest printing plate size (665x910-mm, best suited for the Indian book publishing market) and other automation features coupled with efficient ergonomic machine design and power utilisation (lowest floor area and power consumption). With these, the cost of ownership is lowest, making a positive impact on profitability. Already multiple big players like Thomson, Multivista, SAP & Replika are using RMGT printing presses.”

With the new investment, MicroPrint is now expecting a 20% growth.

Meanwhile, in its digital segment for books and commercial print production, the company has added single-colour Ricoh and Canon digital printing presses. “To match the production pace, we have added and upgraded multiple machines in post-press, such as folding, cutting, section sewing and others. Our offering portfolio consists of books (75%), commercial (15%) and packaging (10%).

Established in 1979 by Rakesh Johar as Varun Offset Printers, the company was renamed MicroPrints by Varun Johar in 2004. It has a complete offset print production setup, from design to delivery of final products. The company also produces premium stationery under the brand The Mood Twisters, run by Johar’s wife Ashima.

Rakesh Johar, director, MircoPrints and Varun’s father, said “We are excited with our first brand-new printing press. Its connectivity with SIP 4 and reproduction of colour is fantastic. With the new machine, the makeready time has come down from 15-20 minutes to two minutes and overall makeready time has come down to 5-6 minutes from 25-30 minutes. Books publishing has its own challenges and publishers don’t want to stock the books so they give fewer orders and orders on demand. So we need an automatic printing press which has a fast turnaround time. We are expecting that with the new press, we will be able to serve our customers faster and better.”