Markzware launches IDMarkz SE for Windows

The company announced that the conversion tool will be available for Windows 10 and 11 users.

30 Dec 2021 | By Aultrin Vijay

The user interface of IDMarkz SE differs from the Macintosh version

Markzware has released the IDMarkz SE, a standalone conversion tool, for Windows 10 and 11 platforms. IDMarkz SE converts InDesign files to IDML, for opening your page layouts not only in earlier versions of Adobe InDesign, but also in QuarkXPress, Affinity Publisher, and more.

According to the company, Markzware helps to “democratise” Adobe InDesign content for use in several popular desktop publishing (DTP) applications. IDMarkz is part of the new “Markz” line of applications and replaces ID2Q.

“IDMarkz SE is a standalone way to get InDesign files into the standard IDML format, with just a click,” the company stated in a release shared with PrintWeek. “With this affordable standalone technology, users can open, export, convert, and automate the conversion of Adobe InDesign files, allowing users to better control their content.”

In terms of user interface, IDMarkz SE differs in appearance from the IDMarkz version for Macintosh. For example, IDMarkz SE has a simple interface and does not include the Preview and File Info features as does the Macintosh version. However, it will ultimately convert INDD documents, in the same fashion. IDMarkz SE is extremely fast and allows the user to set up their application, not only to open Adobe InDesign page layouts in other DTP applications, but also to directly export IDML.

Sharing his experience, Markzware customer Herbert Kellner said, “While working on the manual for the Job Contender, we found out we could no longer open some older, important InDesign files. Because of a very tight budget, we moved away from Adobe software to more affordable apps. A graphic designer pointed us in the right direction. His recommendation was Markzware, a leading software publisher.”

The IDMarkz SE tool is capable of converting documents from InDesign to IDML, InDesign to Affinity Publisher, InDesign to QuarkXPress, InDesign to InDesign (lower versions down to CS4).

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