Manifold set to launch online book portal is the latest venture to be introduced by Manifold Graphics. It will be an e-Book portal with print-on-demand facility.

06 Jul 2018 | By Amogh Dikshit

The portal is a platform where the publishers would directly be able to sell their books to the readers. PustakSagar would enable the publisher to print without any minimum requirement so that they would be able to print the books according to their needs.

According to Ashok Shah, the unique feature of PustakSagar is that if a reader wants a hardcopy of the e-book he is reading, the publisher can print a copy of the book just for that one customer. PustakSagar would enable the publisher to even print a single book at a time.

He continued, "The upcoming e-book portal may actually prove a boon for the regional language writers who were previously unable to print the hardcopies of their work since they would no longer need to worry about the cost required to fulfil the minimum quantity order and can simply print the books according to their demand.”

Another advantage of PustakSagar is that it allows the publisher to print personalised books. A publisher can print the books with each of the customer’s name on it.

The customer would be able to use the online portal on his Android OS as well as iOS platform since there would be mobile applications launched for the same. is thought to be Manifold Graphics biggest project since its investment in its inception. 

Recently, Manifold Graphics has also invested in MGI Jetvarnish 3DS with iFoil technology.