Malayala Manorama books two more Mitsubishi Diamond Spirits

After having successfully deployed five Mitsubishi Diamond Spirit-SA presses in 2013, Malayala Manorama has placed an order for two Diamond Spirit-SA presses with Mitsubishi’s India representative NewsTech India.

21 Sep 2016 | By Rushikesh Aravkar

According to Roy Alex of NewsTech, Malayala Manorama has been satisfied with Mitsubishi – the project management of Mitsubishi and the machine performance.

Mammen Mathew, chief editor and managing director of Malayala Manorama Company, said “We ordered five Mitsubishi presses in 2013. All five are performing extremely well in terms of print quality, reduced wastage and productivity.

Mitsubishi has also provided excellent after-sales support. We had no hesitation in placing our order for two more presses at a very competitive price.”

The new machines will be commissioned in Q2 2017.

This largest selling Malayalam newspaper with 2.4 million copies, had ordered five Diamond Spirit-SA presses from Mitsubishi in 2013 to enhance its production efficiencies. The first press was taken into production as early as November 2014, and the fifth press has been in operation since June 2016.

Established 126 years ago, the newspaper registers a readership of 99.12 lakh with a print circulation exceeding 2.3 million copies, the highest among the Malyalam dailies.