Mahadeva Digital gets Ricoh Pro C7500

Secunderabad-based Mahadeva Digital Press recently invested in a Ricoh Pro C7500 11-colour digital production printer, an upgraded model of its popular predecessor Ricoh Pro C7200x, becoming the first firm in India to own the machine. The machine was supplied and installed by Monotech Systems.

03 May 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

Nagaraja Rao (in yellow shirt) and team Mahadeva Digital Press with the Ricoh Pro C7500

Established in 2014, Mahadeva Digital Press is a commercial printing business located on Somasundaram Street in Secunderabad. “Even though we emerged in the limelight over the last decade, most of us in our team of around a dozen of printing professionals have decades of experience in the commercial printing market. I have been in the industry for the last 33 years,” Nagaraja Rao, proprietor of Mahadeva Digital Press, said. 

He added that the main ambition of Mahadeva Digital Press is to move ahead of the ordinaries. 

He said, “Over the years, we have been into a commitment to fulfil what our clients want to the utmost levels of satisfaction. For this, we keep exploring innovative ideas and technologies which can make our works stand out amid the crowds and competitors. Our recent purchase of the Ricoh Pro C7500 from Monotech Systems is a testimony to our quest for an ideal machine to create highly innovative and creative graphics.” 

The Ricoh Pro C7500 was launched in India by Monotech Systems in the latter part of 2023.

Mahadeva Digital Press engages in the printing and production of commercial items such as danglers, letterheads, fliers, invitation cards, business cards, pamphlets, fliers, posters, brochures, folders, bookmarks, etc. 

In this respect, Rao said they have purchased the new Ricoh Pro C7500 with the additional fifth colour toner station for adding new life to old graphics. He added, “This upgraded Ricoh model is helping us create special items or end-products such as silver, gold, neon and transparent white stickers as well as metPET labels and all textured cards.” 

“Since the day we pushed the start button of Ricoh Pro C7500, innovations in graphic prints at Mahadeva started flying off in whole new vivid colours,” Rao said. 

He added, “We are proud to be India’s first owner of such a digital colour production press designed for churning extraordinarily creative applications. This new machine will surely take our business to the next level, allowing us to look into new opportunities and move into new markets.” 

The production setup of Mahadeva Digital Press is equipped with varied digital presses comprising a Konica Minolta AccurioPrint 2100, a Ricoh MPW2401 and a line of post-press equipment. However, according to Rao, the overall game of creativity in the company’s graphic prints changed only when the Ricoh Pro C7500 arrived in the setup. 

The Ricoh Pro C7500 can take up a broad range of light and heavyweight media ranging from 40gsm to 470gsm. Unlocking the full spectrum of opportunity and creativity, this new and upgraded Ricoh digital colour production press can operate at a printing speed of up to 85-ppm.