LMAI Conference 2023: Kurz to address science and sustainability

Jitender Pal Singh of Kurz, during his presentation at the LMAI Conference 2023, will address the topics – science, connected products, sustainability, and imagination. The company employs hundreds of scientists worldwide who continuously develop new and innovative products, application machines, and unique application processes. Singh said, with the help of the scientists, the company stays at the forefront of innovation and sustainability.

19 Jul 2023 | By Abhay Avadhani

Jitender Pal Singh of Kurz

The LMAI Conference 2023 will be held on 20, 21 and 22 July in Jaipur’s Hotel Leela. The theme of the Conference 2023 is – Creativity, Innovations, Sustainability.

“Through our daughter companies, Kurx Digital and Scribos, we offer a variety of connected products. These products serve purposes such as security, customer interaction, marketing, and design. A significant portion of the presentation will focus on sustainable embellishment, design-for-recycling, and closed-loop systems,” Singh said.

He added that the presentation will highlight the Dreamcomposer software, which allows designers to visualise foil-embellished labels through high-quality digital renderings. 

“Our presentation will showcase how our digital solutions can help customers increase efficiency, design competence, and product security while reducing their carbon emissions and contributing to sustainable development. We will also discuss digital embellishment, which is a complete solution for digital transfer projects.”

Kurz provides all components, including the digital transfer machine, transfer foil, and ink, from one single source, perfectly matched to each other. 

“This solution allows for mass customisation, individualisation, small runs, special editions, or entire product families, enabling customers to refine their packaging and personalize their jobbing work to fit their specifications. We have also developed various digital solutions that do not necessarily include a foil or printing. We offer apps and software solutions for various purposes such as increasing efficiency, design competence, product security, marketing, and customer interaction. Our well-rounded set of solutions responds to the rapidly altering environment within your and our customer’s industries,” he explained.

Singh said for labellers and packagers in food and beverages, Kurz has developed an innovative and wafer-thin transfer decoration that enables state-of-the-art designs for packaging through hot stamping, cold transfer, or digital transfer. 

“This solution is more environmentally friendly as it leaves no PET-carrier foil on the product and does not use laminates. Kurz India provides all-in-one solutions to many national and international brands, from conceptualisation to customization through Digital Metal Kurz digital printing machine modules. Kurz is an all-round supplier for digital finishing, providing a state-of-the-art package for digital print solutions from a single source, including digital print machine modules, glossy digital transfer coatings, customised inks, and efficiency-boosting software,” he added.

Singh said, during his presentation, he will also share new and innovative ideas and concepts that will inspire the audience's future approach to the label segment and its challenges. 

“Our PPT showcases how Kurz constantly evolves while remaining firm in harnessing technical capabilities to tackle 21st-century challenges. Kurz has gained a worldwide presence and earned the respect of its customers, thanks to a remarkable track record of innovation and technical excellence,” he said.

He added that the company’s recently launched initiative, Recosys, stands as a testament to this vision. 

“This initiative focuses on recycling residual PET materials, enabling the carrier foils from transfer finishing products to be recycled. Kurz would like to tip or suggest every label company innovate services or products that incorporate sustainability and technological advancement together for a better future,” he said.