Line O Matic shines at Drupa with sales and technology showcase

Indian printing machinery manufacturer Line O Matic has had an impressive showing at Drupa 2024.

14 Jun 2024 | By Noel D'Cunha

(l-r) Parikh and Dharmendra Patel of Line O Matic

According to Nirav Parikh, general manager (marketing) at Line O Matic Graphic Industries, the company’s stand saw many visitors from Europe who were impressed with the quality and capabilities of all four machines across different market segments showcased at the show. “We have sold 35 machines at the show, with our flexo printing machine for plastic packaging being a popular item.”

Line O Matic also showcased their augmented operator advisor technology, which helps operators easily identify and resolve issues using a tablet interface. The tablet interface provides real-time monitoring of machines and allows remote control via software like TeamViewer. “This would allow customers to troubleshoot issues themselves rather than always calling for support,” said Parikh.

Flexo press

The company is also evaluating the integration of sensors into the machines to provide live video feeds from inside machines. While costs are still being evaluated, Parikh emphasised focusing on customer benefits over costs to gain more customers. “We will continue implementing additional features based on customer needs and requirements.”

Over time, the five-decade-old Line O Matic has expanded from exercise book printing for existing customers into the broader printing space, including flexo printing. “We will focus on developing new packaging printing machines based on feedback from Drupa,” said Parikh. “Drupa has elevated Line O Matic's brand globally. It established the company as an innovator in the printing machinery field from India with cutting-edge technologies.”