Line O Matic completes 25 years in print

India’s Line O Matic has completed 25 years in the field of producing exercise notebook making machinery, which the company’s chairman Uday Patel, said, has been “top-notch’ machines.

25 May 2022 | By Noel D'Cunha

In the last two and a half decades, the company has installed over 3,000 machines in over 75 countries, garnering ample accolades while achieving numerous milestones. “We have constantly pushed boundaries and set brilliant benchmarks along our journey to success,” said Patel.

While the company’s official entrance into this field was marked 25 years ago, one can trace back the company’s expertise to over 50 years ago. Walking down the memory lane, Patel informed that the journey initially began under the banner of GGI (Gunvantray Graphic Industries) brand. Later in 1997, the company got registered under a new name, Line O Matic, by Patel.

“The aim was to become an industry leader in producing top-notch exercise notebook machinery. And to achieve this feat, we leveraged technological advancements to provide superior products and high-quality services. Attaining 100% customer satisfaction, drove the company to always outdo everyone’s expectations,” Patel reminisced.

As the years progressed, so did our journey from old-age machinery to new-age technology. The automatic machines helped adjust to the versatility of paper requirements for the paper converting and packaging industry. Patel said, “Our biggest motivating factor is our customers and vendors. Their unwavering support has driven us to keep working harder and coming up with innovative solutions that don’t just match their requirements but supersede their expectations as well.”


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