Labelexpo India 2018: Uflex focuses on anti-counterfeiting through holography

Uflex’s holographic division is exhibiting several types of value-added decoration and anti-counterfeiting methods for label applications, including sterling lens, fresnel lens, scratch labels, tamper-evident security labels and holographic labels, among others.

23 Nov 2018 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

Avinash Kumar Sinha, assistant general manager marketing (holographic division), Uflex

One of the highlights of the Uflex stand is the latent image feature for analysing the anti-counterfeiting, which, according to Avinash Kumar Sinha, assistant general manager marketing (holographic division), Uflex, can do wonders for various industry segments especially the pharmaceutical industry. 

The lens can be registered as per the customer’s design. “The product is environment friendly and 100% biodegradable,” said Sinha.

Sterling lens is a metallic engraved effect to create objects, text and other graphic design components which can be used with fresnel and other holographic labels. The sterling lens provides a film thickness of up to 50 microns.

Uflex offers scratch labels and serialisation techniques which allows complete track and trace of the product providing a real time response without the need of any special equipment. 

Another highlight is the fresnel lens. The lens is placed behind the special areas of graphics to add depth and movement to the artwork and the holographic patterns have an appeal that brings the illusion of 3D effect.

These designs have been used on high-volume consumer packaging products such as cartons, labels, and cosmetic packaging and beverage cartons such as liquor bottles.