Labelexpo Europe 2019: Xeikon and Flint to introduce pre-press solutions

Xeikon Prepress and Flint Group are set to launch integrated pre-press solutions for digital flexo plates at the Labelexpo Europe 2019 show, which will be held in Brussels, Belgium, from 24-27 September.

23 Aug 2019 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

Christophe Lievens, sales director of Xeikon Prepress, said, “We are sure that industry experts will be excited to learn about our new integrated plate imaging solutions. Labelexpo 2019 is a perfect opportunity to announce our vision of quality enhancement in flexo plate-making.”

Xeikon Prepress and Flint Group’s flexographic division launched Woodpecker Nano, a technology to create surface microstructures, in April 2019.

Uwe Stebani, general manager of Xeikon Prepress, said, “After joining the Flint Group family, we were in the unique position of having the expertise of one of the leading plate manufacturers combined with our own vast experience of imaging systems, in-house, which is unseen in our industry.”

With ThermoFlexX and nyloflex, both Xeikon and Flint have focused on efficiency in the packaging pre-press value chain. They aim to introduce an integrated imaging system, producing quality flexographic printing plates while increasing productivity in the prepress room.

“As we have optimised ThermoFlexX imagers and developed Woodpecker Nano surface screening, we are now going for the next level to integrate and combine these with new innovations,” adds Stebani.

Friedrich von Rechteren, global commercial VP of Flint Group’ flexographic division, said, “Our respective know-how in first class imaging devices, surface screening, and photopolymer flexo plates enables us to introduce innovative solutions to the packaging pre-press market. Our aim is to create the greatest value for our customers, delivering our promise of solutions that are better, faster and easier to use.”