Labelexpo 2023: Xeikon introduces top-speed toner label press

Xeikon has announced the introduction of a new high-productivity and highly automated dry toner press aimed specifically at volume label printing with the highest quality. The Xeikon LX3000 model, affectionately known as The Lion, was presented to the public for the first time at Labelexpo Europe 2023 in Brussels.

14 Sep 2023 | By Abhay Avadhani

Built for a web width of 330-mm, the Xeikon Lion LX3000 is a five-colour dry toner press

Built for a web width of 330-mm, the Xeikon Lion LX3000 is a five-colour dry toner press developed as the answer to customer demands for higher productivity and more cost-effective solutions for mass production of high-quality digital labels. 

The Xeikon LX3000 features Xeikon’s innovative Cruise Control System, which utilises advanced vision technology and artificial intelligence to continuously monitor and automatically adjust print production settings. Cruise Control checks, adjusts, and reports on five key settings to ensure precise colour registration, print station densities, and consistency with the set colour reference as production quality depends on external (environment, substrate, operator) and internal (print process) factors. If the quality does not meet customer expectations, an automatic notification is generated and printed alongside the print.

This physical marking can drive the next actions in the following steps of the manufacturing processes. Additionally, it provides quantitative data for monitoring Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), helping printers optimise their production workflows even further.  

According to Frank Jacobs, senior product manager, the new cruise control system significantly enhances press efficiency and productivity, reducing waste and allowing operators to focus on higher-level tasks. 

“Brand owners have grown accustomed to the advantages of digital printing, including unmatched flexibility, great quality, and rapid delivery. Now, with the reliability of Xeikon’s toner technology, which comes with highly accurate variable repeat length, coupled with the LION’s powerful performance and Cruise Control for 100% perfect output, label printers can produce higher volumes of high-quality work much more cost-effectively,” he said.