Labelexpo 2023: Esko, X-Rite Pantone spotlight one connected workflow

Visitors at Labelexpo Europe 2023, held on 11-14 September, witnessed first-hand how a connected Esko and X-Rite Pantone ecosystem of automated workflow, colour management, flexo platemaking, digital printing, and print inspection tools can deliver consistent performance and accelerate business growth.

12 Sep 2023 | By Abhay Avadhani

Esko and X-Rite Pantone are helping the packaging industry achieve consistent performance from concept to market

“Visitors to our combined booth will discover how Esko and X-Rite Pantone are helping the packaging industry achieve consistent performance from concept to market,” Jan De Roeck, Esko director of marketing, industry relations and strategy said.

He added, “Using demonstrations of the latest technology, displays and expert discussions, we will highlight how an end-to-end ecosystem of new colour management software and measurement solutions supports digital workflows to increase efficiency, enhance sustainability, and drive growth opportunities.”

At their booth, Esko and X-Rite Pantone are showcasing their entire range of digital workflow solutions from design through production. Highlights include:

• Phoenix, Esko’s AI-based tool that unlocks planning and imposition productivity improvements, with a seamless interface between prepress data and production data in Esko applications.

• The award-winning CDI Crystal XPS 4835, utilising UV main and back exposure to produce highly consistent digital flexo plates while minimising waste.

• AVT Helios System, which automatically inspects printed labels or packages for defects and imperfections, delivering exceptional quality results and eliminating customer rejections.

• The latest Esko Software version, which delivers a combination of prepress editing and cloud-based workflow automation solutions, is now more integrated and connected throughout the entire pre-press workflow.

• X-Rite eXact 2, the most connected and easy-to-use handheld spectrophotometer that can measure colour across various substrates - including flexible film and paper - in a single device, while also verifying customer standards.

• X-Rite ColorCert Suite, which works with Esko WebCenter, AVT’s Spectralab, and eXact 2 to provide printers an overall view of print quality and color performance in a single number score to confirm compliance with brand specifications.

• PantoneLIVE digital color libraries for the creation and sharing of accurate brand colour standards that are achievable across printing technology and substrates.

“Error and waste reduction have a direct impact on the environmental footprint of a packaging businesses,” said Jan. “As we are all looking to protect the environment in which we live and to safeguard it for future generations, we must reduce the impact of our operations on the environment. With sustainability and digitalisation fundamentally altering how the industry operates, it is imperative that today’s label and packaging companies invest in digital workflow technology that enables them to boost efficiency, reduce costs and improve their overall productivity,” he said.

Jon-Michael McCartney, director, print and packaging, X-Rite Pantone, added: “The combined X-Rite Pantone and Esko ecosystem helps to streamline the design, prepress, formulation and production workflow with the sharing of packaging and colour data to reduce errors and improve reporting.”

He added, “With a digital workflow you can eliminate on-site press approvals, clearly define and share print requirements across a global supply chain, reduce waste and rework, save resources and support sustainability goals.”