Labelexpo 2022: Sandilyam showcases a range of verifiers

Bengaluru-based code quality and verification products provider, Sandilyam Automation Systems, launched the latest in the series of 15xxx aimed at comprehensive analysis and reporting of all aspects of code design, en-codation and print quality during Labelexpo 2022 held at India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, from 10 to 13 November.

13 Nov 2022 | By Kalpak Shah

Shiva S Nagarajan, director, Sandilyam Automation Systems

The company also showcased a range of code verifiers and generation software and focused on the area of standards verification. The range of verifiers cover the linear classic, speed verifiers and camera verifiers.  Among these the 6525-S verifiers are used to verify the medium/ large linear barcodes like the SSCC / S1-128. The 15500 verifiers are used in pharma packaging development /QC labs, in process checks in packing halls for GS1/ISO grade verification. 

Shiva S Nagarajan, director, Sandilyam Automation Systems, said, “The Labelexpo 2022 has opened up various new niche markets in a post-covid scenario. This has been quite a refreshing chance for us to discuss, engage and meet with a varied segment of clients, both in the printing, packaging as well as the label industry. It's been a good event for us."

Highlighting the company’s key products and its features, Nagarajan said that the most critical aspect of any packaging or printing has been the barcode for some time now, and it’s growing in criticality and importance. 

The company’s range of Axicon verifiers offers unmatched comprehensive reporting, analysis, and drill down of information, which is a very vital aspect to improve the quality of printed codes, be it linear or data metrics or QR, and thereby enhancing the operational efficiency of the printers.

“The focus of our company remains in the area of ensuring that you’re meeting the global standards so that you don’t have any scanning issues. Therefore, barcode verification, from a perspective of the printer meeting the requirements of supply chain scannability is growing in importance and criticality. That's where we come in with 30-year plus experience to support our clients,” Nagarajan concluded.