Labelexpo 2022: Maxcess showcases new products

Maxcess, the manufacturer of products and services for web handling applications, showcased its newly launched products, RotoMetrics AccuAdjust Dual Adjust Anvil and the FIFE-500 Max web guiding system at the Labelexpo 2022.

13 Nov 2022 | By Pooja Mahesh

The Maxcess stall at the show

The RotoMetrics AccuAdjust Dual Adjust Anvil features easy-to-use digital controllers on the front of the die stack, quick installation into a press and automation-ready motors that ship with the unit itself. This model has easy-to-access dual-adjustable controllers on the front of the die stack. It provides the customers with an adjustable anvil, claimed the company. 

“This will be easy for the customers to operate as they don’t need to keep changing the die. With this model, they can use the die on the same height,” Sheetal Karnik of Maxcess said. In addition, each AccuAdjust unit comes plug-and-play ready for RotoMetric’s upcoming RotoAdjust automation system for greater operator control, enhanced productivity, and Industry 4.0 analytics. 

The Fife-500 Max web guiding system features an easy-to-navigate five-inch colour touchscreen, and an eight-pole motor for smoother guiding and accuracy. This reportedly can help in delivering accuracy with less waste and downtime. It can also quickly adapt to changes in the web, even at high line speeds. It has a compact design that can easily fit in tight spaces.