Labelexpo 2022: Holostik launches a range of anti-counterfeiting products

The manufacturer of holographic labels and security hologram sticker printing service provider, Holostik India, launched a range of anti-counterfeiting products at Labelexpo India 2022, being held at India Expo Mart from 10 to 13 November.

10 Nov 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

The Holostik India team at its stall at Labelexpo 2022

The nano optical image OVDs (optically variable devices) are secure and technologically advanced OVDs or security holograms. The master of these OVDs is shot at a resolution above 6,00,00-dpi. It can include nano text (up to 5 microns), nano images and microstructure.

Optashield, based on custom holographic technology, displays two different colours at two different viewing angles. According to the company, it is among the most secure and convenient authentication devices in the anti-counterfeit industry.  

The 3D labels (printed OVDs) are embedded with aesthetic elements, designs and security features. 3D labels amplify a product’s visibility on the shelf and adds premium appeal to the brand.   

The half-scratch QR code comes with a half-scratch layer over the QR code, preventing replication and tampering of the QR code. It can be embedded in both OVDs (holograms) and labels.    

The paper labels with holographic strips are secure and visually appealing paper labels with a holographic strip transferred over it. The strip embedded with multiple security features offer safety of the product from tampering and counterfeiting.