Labelexpo 2022: Eltech highlights corona treatment systems

Eltech Engineers, the manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of corona treatment systems, plasma treatment Systems, static eliminators and ionisers, highlighted its products at Labelexpo 2022, held at India Expo Mart, Greater Noida from 10 to 13 November.

11 Nov 2022 | By Kalpak Shah

Atik Chauhan, manager, technical and sales, Eltech Engineers, at the show

“The most important aspect of a label printer’s job is producing quality labels. Some of the substrates label converters use are plastic or foil-based, and both create problems with ink and lacquer adhesion. This is because the surface energy of the material prevents the creation of a proper bond. In simple terms, it doesn’t stick well,” Atik Chauhan, manager, technical and sales, Eltech Engineers, said.

To counter this, Eltech manufactures compact yet powerful label flexo corona treaters used in narrow-web label flexo printing presses. The high-definition ridge type ceramic electrodes ensure efficient treatment of metalised as well as non-metalised substrates.

“To create a quality label, you require good surface preparation, and an essential part of that is corona treatment of the surface of the substrate you are using. Eltech’s corona systems are accurate, efficient, and controllable to ensure you are always applying exactly the right level of treatment in a situation where too much is as bad as too little,” Chauhan added.

He said Eltech’s corona system can be easily installed on all of the major label presses. 

“We are showcasing only one machine at the show, the corona treatment system, and we have made some advancements in the recent machines. A lot of stalls here at the Labelexpo such as RK Labels, etc are using our equipment,” Chauhan said.

Established in 1992, Eltech is an ISO 9001:2015-certified company involved in research, development, production and sale of high-grade products.