Labelexpo 2018: Kodak demonstrates Prinergy Tools to support Adobe Illustrator

Exhibiting at Labelexpo, Kodak demonstrated the new features of Prinergy workflow such as Prinergy Tools and Prinergy Cloud 1.3, among others, which according to Kodak’s Subhrajit Ray, are developed in response to the evolving market demands.

24 Nov 2018 | By Rushikesh Aravkar

The Kodak team at Labelexpo 2018

Ray said, “While Prinergy works seamlessly with Adobe Acrobat, one step ahead to make it more user-friendly and efficient is to have design tools for Adobe Illustrator. We have achieved this through Prinergy Tools. The Prinergy Tools for Abode Illustrator software are developed for packaging print firms to efficiently process packaging files within Prinergy.”

During the demonstration, Anil Dharamshetti, channel pre-sales, unified workflow solutions at Kodak, highlighted how trapped objects in the Illustrator file can be easily identified and edited and the object screen manager, which allows to specify screen parameters such as dot ruling, dot angle, dot shape, and screening pattern and also control the minimum dot size.

Dharamshetti also demonstrated Prinergy Cloud 1.3 powered by Oracle database and Microsoft Azure cloud services. The Prinergy Cloud 1.3, which works on a SaaS model, bolsters the capabilities of Cloud from archiving and back-up services to decision analytics for ink and plate usage and further helps with dynamic print planning.

Kodak Prinergy has also deployed IC3D for three-dimensional rendering of packaging design for digital prototyping, real-time pack simulation and visualising a pack on the shelf.

“These developments are aimed at making the packaging pre-press much more efficient by reducing cycle times, eliminating errors and improving file and output quality for today’s complex packaging designs. There are over 500 users of Prinergy in India with many of them growing their gamut of workflow configurations,” added Ray.