Labelexpo 2018: HB Fuller introduces two new adhesives

HB Fuller has introduced two new products at Labelexpo India 2018: Swiftmelt 1908, and Lunamelt PS 4015. The Swiftmelt 1908 was launched in India in early 2018, and Lunamelt PS 4015 was launched at Labelexpo India 2018.

24 Nov 2018 | By Rushikesh Aravkar

Melanie Lack, business manager, tapes and labels, EIMEA, HB Fuller and PD Satish Kumar, strategic account manager – India, HB Fuller

Melanie Lack, business manager, tapes and labels, EIMEA, HB Fuller, said, “The Swiftmelt 1908 is a hotmelt adhesive delivering strong pressure sensitive adhesive performance on holographic labels. The Lunamelt PS 4015 is a fast bonding hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive designed for courier bags, and tape and label applications. It is ideally suited to the unique Indian climate and conditions to deliver excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates, including foamed polystyrene, aluminium, paper and rock wool.”

PD Satish Kumar, strategic account manager – India, HB Fuller, said, “The holograms have become an important tool for prohibiting counterfeiting and piracy, as recognised by the Authentication Solution Providers’ Association (ASPA). According to ASPA, more than 25 states in India are currently using security holograms to authenticate liquor bottles. HB Fuller’s Swiftmelt 1908 is an innovative PSA that has been designed for providing high adhesion, precise die cutting performance and clean converting on holographic label stock.”

“In today’s globally-connected world of trade, courier bags have become a very important mode of delivery. The need for safe, secure and tamper-proof courier bags also has increased manifold as the e-commerce industry continues to grow, which is of special significance in India with 374 million internet subscribers and 1.17 billion mobile subscribers. Contributing to the safety and effectiveness of courier bags, HB Fuller is excited to showcase Lunamelt PS 4015 sealing adhesive. It’s the ideal product for quick closing of courier bags, keeping them securely shut during transit, and is also suitable for any tape or label product that requires high tack and quick grab.”

Talking about the dynamics of the Indian tapes and labels industry, Satish added, “The tapes and labels industry in India showed a distinct slowing down in the post demonetisation and GST implementation months, though the resulting strengthening of the organised sector has helped the industry retain its optimism for long-term growth. But staying ahead of the game now needs tighter measures, cost re-structuring and innovative solutions, all of which can be achieved with smart planning, and collaborative partnerships.”