Kunal ​installs Sakurai and focuses on solar at Screen Print show

At the Screen Print India show from 20 to 22 April 2018, Kunal Enterprise endorsed variants of Sakurai screen printing machines and solar wafer printing which deploys Micro-tec solar print lines.

26 Apr 2018 | By Sujith Ail

At the show, Kunal Enterprise introduced new variants of the roll-to-roll Sakurai screen printers (60cm and 30cm), are capable of printing one- to four-colour and handling substrates from 30gsm to 200gsm.

Ajay Gandhi, “The show has been fantastic for us. From day one of the show, we had a good number of visitors. Moreover it was the right kind of visitors attending our booth. We are using this platform to encourage screen printers to focus towards industrial applications.”

Also, Kunal Enterprise was promoting MS-80, MS-80A2 and MS-102 AX screen printers, revamped models of previous Sakurai models. These are fully automatic stop cylinder screen press catering B2 and B1 sizes.

Parksons Packaging was the first to install Sakurai MS-102 AX with an electronic UV dryer line. Gandhi said, “Using an electronic UV dryer, a firm can save a lot of money, as UV light is on, only when the sheet passes.”

Kunal Enterprise will be installing a Sakurai MS 80, and MF80 V2 at Navi Mumbai-based Protolab for membrane switch applications. 

Last week, Dhote Offset Technokrafts in Mumbai installed a Sakurai SC- 72 A2 for value addition application. At Canpac and Manohar Packaging, Kunal Enterprises installed the MS-102 A2 with a solution for pre-press equipment and a dryer line.

In addition to Sakurai, the company was also promoting Micro-Tec’s Solar print line at the show. Solar print line machines use screen printing and print conductive inks on substrates known as wafers and these wafers when combined form modules which are used in solar panels.

Gandhi said, “Earlier solar companies used to import solar wafers at a cheaper rate from China. Now the government has introduced anti-dumping duty on import of solar wafer. This has benefitted the Indian print companies to manufacture and print solar wafers.”

“Solar wafers are very fragile to handle - and if you hold it in your hand, it will break. The machine is specifically designed for to handle fragile substrates,” added Gandhi.

Kunal Enterprise has installed its first solar print line at IIT Bombay and further, it is dealing with big solar companies such as Adani Solar and Tata Power. It will be displaying 6,000 wafers/ hour throughput solar print line in Shanghai. 

“Our target for 2018 is to sell around 10-15 Sakurai machines. In fact in the next five years, we plan to be a material company and a solution provider for industrial applications like solar, healthcare, automotive, home appliances, textile and ceramic transfer,” concluded Gandhi.