Kuldip Goel: The next few months will be crucial

As the year 2021, which has been particularly difficult for the industry, comes to a close, PrintWeek asked the printing and packaging fraternity to gaze at the proverbial crystal ball and predict what issue or trend is most likely to fundamentally shape Indian print/ packaging in 2022.

08 Dec 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

Kuldip Goel of Any Graphics

Kuldip Goel of Any Graphics says: Any Graphics always look for combination of small, medium and large quantity jobs — 20% high volume with low margins, 40% medium to low volumes with moderate margins and 40% with low volumes but better margins. We think that 40% low volumes customers are those who allow you to do value additions and innovations, and they would be getting our focus next year.

The year 2022 will have more challenges, different kind of challenges. For example, the customer loyalty with the supplier may change. We have already started to see this. If you ask for a price rise, your competition is ready to grab the opportunity even with no profit just to crack the customer. How we tackle this increase of price will vary from customer to customer and supplier to supplier. We need to minimise our overheads, reduce wastage, provide cost-efficient solutions.

The next few months will be crucial. There is no need to keep eyes on trends, there is no need to react fast. Let the situation settle down, and then make long-term strategies and start taking actions.

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