Konica Minolta showcases digital print solutions at CEIF 2023

Konica Minolta Business Solutions showcased its Accurio C12000 and C83hc at the CEIF 2023 held at the Jio World Centre in Mumbai from 5 to 7 January.

19 Jan 2023 | By Kalpak Shah

When asked what the main trends and industry developments are, Manish Gupta, head of marketing at Konica Minolta (KM) said, “Bringing production efficiencies are the key trends.” He pointed out that  photographers and small photo labs are looking at expanding their scope of operations and KM has the right products to bring a good TCO for the new entrants into digital photobook printing.” KM has introduced a 120 pages per minute production printer AccurioPress C12000 to meet the requirement for high-speed production. Both the engines offer unique value to the customers.

KM showcased the Accurio at the show. As Gupta said, “Our endeavour at these expos is to meet our prospective customers and share the new inputs with our existing customers.  This is the platform where our customers can meet sales, service, pre-sales, and marketing under one roof.” He added. “CEIF gives the opportunity to the visitors to get to know and understand key aspects of photo entrepreneurship. Be it: image correction, imposition, printing, and post-printing including internet integration and sharing the images over various platforms.”

Commenting about the CEIF show, Gupta said, “Things are changing after Covid. Today, customers are looking for more solutions besides printing. The trade people are looking at more value-added things like uniform colour, media versatility, finishing options etc. to bring a change from the past.

Gupta pointed out that “Digital printing particularly KM in our opinion has helped a lot of customers in India to survive and thrive. This is because the traditional methods of printing photobooks were getting obsolete and were not environmentally friendly. KM introduced high chroma machines to upgrade to digital.” Gupta said, “We foresee the market of photobook printing to grow, and we continue to bring more products and solutions for this sector.”

Manish Gupta: The Indian photo industry from a printing perspective is strong

He said, “Today we have a lot of people shooting many more photographs on their smartphones. The photo to photobook conversion has begun.” But Gupta hastened to add, “A lot needs to be done to educate the people in managing and monetising the photographs available with them. Some companies are doing this, but there is still a long way to go.”