Komori seals deal for 35 machines at Drupa

Under the theme of connected automation at Drupa, Komori Corporation attracted hordes of trade visitors from all over the world, including many from India, pulling their attention to the company’s showcase of some key machines that were booked during the show. Collectively, a total of 35 Komori machines were booked during Drupa 2024.

28 Jun 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

The Komori India team

Three Komori machines — the Lithrone G837P Advance; the Lithrone GLX-740 with double coaters, and the newly launched J-throne 29 premiered at Drupa 2024 — were the key machines demonstrated at the show. 

“Though we received the highest response to the Lithrone G837P from global visitors, those from India showed their preference for the Lithrone GLX-740,” Jitender Rohilla, general manager, sales, Komori India, said.

He added, “Despite the warm response we received for all our machines, the most popular among them was the 37-inch model. It’s becoming everyone’s favourite because of its size and saving on multiple components like substrates, printing plates, consumables and others. We have received orders of the machines of 4-, 5-, and 6-colour configurations.” 

Of the total 35 Komori machines booked during Drupa 2024, 17 of them were of 37-inch models, while nine were of 40-inch models and the other nine were of 29-inch models. Most of the machines are equipped with online coating and UV curing. 

“Those visitors from India, who are currently engaged in commercial and packaging printing, preferred the Lithrone GL 640 and GL 740,” Rohilla said.

The Komori team at Drupa 2024

He said the Lithrone G Series booked by many Indian visitors at Drupa 2024 is known for its eco-friendliness and sustainability. “In fact, the ‘G’ in the GL 640 and GL 740 presses stands for green. These presses are engineered to reduce the carbon footprint of the printing process as it significantly reduces power consumption, waste and consumables,” he added. 

Some of the leading commercial and packaging companies from India, such as Kora Pack and RS Graphics from Chennai, and Globe Print n Pack from Mumbai, to mention a few, booked Komori machines at Drupa 2024. 

RS Graphics signed a deal for a Lithrone GL740+C UV IR as its first Komori machine. Kora Pack booked a Lithrone GL729+C IR UV which will be its second Komori at its facility, where the company installed a Lithrone GL740 two years back. Likewise, Globe Print n Pack also ordered a Lithrone GL729+C IR UV as its second Komori.

Komori’s booth at Drupa 2024 witnessed about 400 to 500 visitors from India. “As compared to Drupa 2016, fewer first-time visitors from India were seen roaming around Drupa 2024. Most were regular drupa visitors,” Rohilla said, adding, “About the number of exhibitors from India, it was found noticeably increased as there were more than 80 (Indian) exhibitors at the show.”

On Komori’s show agenda for Drupa in 2028, Rohilla said it’s too early to reveal it. However, the company’s focus will surely be offset with some digital — the two technologies that will continue to go hand in hand, complementing each other, even in the next four years down the line. 

Komori’s technology up-gradation is a reoccurring process, fully committed to it. “We introduced and showed multiple products in the offset and inkjet space at Drupa this time. In the next show, we will have some post-press solutions too to offer from our finishing equipment manufacturing partner,” Rohilla said.