Kohinoor Ribbon adds Ricoh

New Delhi-based Kohinoor Ribbon Factory offers high-end printed labels and accessories. The company has upgraded its competency in delivering vivid colours and impressive textured media printability with the installation of a new Ricoh Pro C7200X digital production press that has been supplied and installed by Monotech Systems.

19 May 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Vaibhav Maini, director, Kohinoor Ribbon Factory with the Ricoh Pro C7200X

Incorporated in 2004, Kohinoor supplies and manufactures printed and woven labels, tapes, heat transfers, hang tags, tag seals, ticket and barcode stickers, embroidery badges, etc. “Having been a leader and created a niche in the label industry over the last two decades, we have made a tremendous contribution to the country’s label manufacturing and exports,” Vaibhav Maini, director, Kohinoor Ribbon Factory, said.

Kohinoor Ribbon Factory’s production facility is equipped with a portfolio of high-end machines and allied tools for label printing and production. The portfolio consists of jacquard looms, Heidelberg offset press, Giussi Tulio button maker, Windsor & Kolsite extrusion solution machines, and the latest being the Rioch Pro C7200X.

“We keep upgrading our machine portfolio with the constant updates of the latest machines and technologies. Our production facility as well as our competency in quality print production is the cornerstone on which we have traversed the road to growth and set ourselves apart from the market competitors,” Maini said, adding that Ricoh Pro C7200X has brought a new dawn of print value, colours and embellishment for Kohinoor Ribbon Factory. 

He added, “Our first impression of the Ricoh Pro C7200X was its advanced and added features to Pantone colours and extend their colour gamut with neon colours.” 

Nevertheless, this Ricoh digital production press is an ideal workhorse capable of galloping at the speed of 85-ppm. It can take up a broad range of stocks comprising coated, coloured, textured, and synthetic possibilities, up to 360-gsm. 

“The Rioch Pro C7200X is a powerful digital production press capable of offering outstanding quality print innovations using special colours like white, neon and customised metallic colours. In fact, with these advanced and flexible features of the digital press we are now set to amaze our customers with new creative applications and effects,” Maini said. 

The Ricoh Pro C7200X has revolutionised the overall capability of Kohinoor Ribbon Factory to pull off extensive innovative prints beyond the usual CMYK gamut. “The machine’s advanced features like the fifth colour station for adding custom colours and special effects help us pull the attention of our customers.