Kodak outlines its digital, offset product portfolio

Several manufacturers have lined up product showcases and launches from 16-26 June, initially meant to be the show dates of Drupa, which was postponed to next year in view of the global outbreak of Covid-19. Kodak, in particular, have made use of the timeframe to announce new product launches.

19 Jun 2020 | By Aultrin Vijay

The product announcements include a new version of Sonora plates, two new platesetters, high-speed inkjet press the Prosper Ultra 520 (above), and a Prinergy workflow platform

Kodak’s executive chairman Jim Continenza said, "Kodak is investing approximately USD 25 million a year in advancing print technology, doubling down on digital print and delivering the products our customers need to drive productivity and growth as the industry evolves.”

He said the new Prosper Ultra 520 inkjet press is the "product of our heritage of innovation in print and our continuing focus on developing breakthrough technologies".

"Printers can rely on the full range of Kodak solutions, from offset plates to workflow software to digital presses, to deliver performance that pays," Continenza added.

Kodak announced a new inkjet press and an enhanced portfolio of offset and digital solutions on 15 June 2020. The product announcements include a new version of its Sonora process-free plate, Sonora Xtra, two new platesetters, a high-speed inkjet press, the Prosper Ultra 520, and a new Prinergy workflow platform.

New inkjet press
The company said that Kodak Prosper Ultra 520 press can deliver offset-like quality at a consistent production speed of 150mpm/500FPM on glossy papers with high ink coverage and variable print — all at lowest cost of operation.

The new press is said to be the first Kodak-manufactured press using its Ultrastream writing system, which employs high-precision placement of smaller, perfectly round, satellite-free drops to produce the highest inkjet image quality.

"The Prosper Ultra 520 is engineered to maximise productivity by printing across a broad range of substrates using the industry’s most versatile, highest quality and cost-effective water-based inks. As a complete system, the Prosper Ultra 520 is a game-changer that will help printers profitably grow their businesses across a range of applications," Kodak stated in a press note shared with PrintWeek. The Prosper Ultra 520 press is scheduled to be available at the end of 2020.

Digital packaging press
According to Kodak, the Sapphire Evo W is the first digital packaging press to "match the productivity of flexo and the quality of gravure".

The press uses Kodak’s Ultrastream inkjet technology and QD packaging inks for production of flexible packaging.

"With run lengths of up to 20,000 m2, or more with variable content, the Sapphire Evo W allows brands to adopt innovative packaging that leverages the advantages of digital printing," the company said. The Sapphire Evo W press has been made available worldwide since 15 June.

New version of Sonora
Kodak also introduced a new version of its successful Sonora process-free plates – Sonora Xtra. Sonora plates are said to deliver stronger image contrast, improved handling robustness, and faster imaging speeds. The Sonora Xtra process-free plate is scheduled to be available at the end of 2020.

Prinergy on demand
Prinergy On Demand is a new global platform that hosts a suite of offerings that "modernise and maximise" a customer’s Prinergy Workflow investment.

"Select customers are already experiencing the increased security, reliability, efficiency, and remote work flexibility of Prinergy On Demand hosted and managed by Kodak in the cloud under a cost-effective monthly subscription. Prinergy On Demand is backed by the secure network infrastructure of Microsoft Azure, so customers can be confident that their data and system are always protected," the company's press note stated. Prinergy On Demand is currently available, with new options planned to be rolled out at the end of 2020.

Faster platesetters
Kodak has introduced what is said to be the world’s fastest eight-page CTP for process free plates, with the new Kodak Magnus Q800 Platesetter with T-Speed. The Magnus Q800 Platesetter will now be able to image up to 80 plates per hour to help maximise the productivity of offset workflows.

Faster imaging speeds need automation that can keep up, so Kodak is also introducing an updated Multi-Pallet Loader that matches the 80 pph speed and with a capacity of up to 3,200 plates. The T-Speed Magnus Q800 Platesetter will be available for beta testing in June and in production in September 2020. 1,500 plates per pallet capacity for Single Pallet Loader/Multi Pallet Loader will start shipping in June 2020.

Meanwhile, the new Magnus Q4800 Platesetter, which will be available in 2021, is said to deliver industry-leading speed and productivity for extra-large format (XLF) plate making. According to Kodak, it will deliver the fastest throughput for XLF size plates for 96-page presses and provides market-leading throughput for 1,650 mm size plates, with dual plate loading. It will also have the most flexible pallet automation available with up to eight plate sizes online and up to 4,800 plates online.

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