Keynote address at MMS roundtable takes a future peek

Col (Hon) Prof. Dr Rajendrakumar Anayath, a printing guru and researcher as well as former vice chancellor at DCRUST in Haryana delivered the keynote address at the Mumbai Mudrak Sangh Roundtable conference in Mumbai.

08 Apr 2024 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

Anayath: It is crucial to integrate AI, cloud, web-to-print to one's existing operations

The top five takeaways from his speech. 

  1. Traditional printing industry has already transformed into its new avtaar by adopting Print 4.0 just like many other manufacturing and service industries around the world.
  2. According to a study report, around 93% of printing business people accepted that modern technological developments based on print 4.0 are already visible in their business in some form.
  3. I am seeing an interesting transition in data communication. I believe the future leader of the world would be the one who has the most accurate data and the ability to gather it on time, analyse it and take appropriate inference out of it.
  4. Inkjet has matured a lot now. I do not know what is not possible with inkjet now? It goes far beyond the materials, substrates and contours. No restriction on ink and the kind of materials to be transferred. Inkjet is a master in both cut-sheet and webfed. Inkjet makes any work cost-effective, fast and consistent in quality.
  5. If you want to be in the market, it is very crucial to integrate AI, Cloud, web-to-print to your existing operations and web-store.

Hope for printing OEM

Managed Print Services (MPS) show a ray of hope for printing OEMs. It gives the potential for printers to go beyond their traditional role of just managing a printing process to integrating workflows with IT infrastructure allowing management of digitised information and business processes irrespective of software systems from various companies.

However, this potential can be tapped only if MPS can adapt to the next generation trends like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in to any Printing Machine made by any manufacturer and On Demand Solutions can create meaningful dialogues between a heterogeneous printer fleet through off premise or hosted software, and it can integrate multiple vertical solutions and workflows.

I anticipate the next-generation Open Multi Vendor MPS Solutions Platforms (OMVMPSSP) can make this magic happen in our industry. Based on open-layered, modular and SKU ( Stock Keeping Units ) based architecture, the next-generation MPS Platforms can enable mobile printing ecosystems, interface with competitive MFPs ( Multi- Function Peripheral) and run vertical workflow solutions on any MFP device using cloud and web services that leads to achieve emerging technology needs like cloud enablement.