Kevin Arts buys Smartfoil

Mumbai-based printing and embossing company Kevin Arts has purchased a new Creofoil machine, smartfoil CF80, to meet the market demands and to upgrade the standardisation.

21 Feb 2024 | By PrintWeek Team

Tejas Hasmukhrai Sheth with the Smartfoil CF80

Tejas Hasmukhrai Sheth, director, Kevin Arts, said, “The requirement for packaging and embellishment in India is increasing rapidly and creofoil could be the best choice for anyone to meet up with client and market demands. Creofoil products are techno-smart, budget-friendly and made in India. What makes Creofoil different from others is, it has a great range of foils along with the machines. It’s been more than 30 years being in the industry and I have never seen these kinds of products being available at such a great price.”

Kevin Arts is known to satisfactorily cater to the demands of its customer base. The business came into existence in 1990 and since then it has been a known name in its field. Customers are at the core of Kevin Arts and it is this belief that has led the business to build long-term relationships. 

“Creofoil has helped us to work effectively and efficiently along with satisfying the requirements of the customers and maintaining the quality standards. As there is a huge demand for printing, packaging and embellishment in the market, creofoil is the great way to deal with that. Smartfoil CF80 and smartfoil CF50 have amazing working styles, with CF80 you can work on paper of 80-gsm, carton board of 2,000-gsm and 3-mm on corrugated board,” Sheth added.

On being asked about the challenges being faced by his company and the industry, he said, “There are few challenges in front of the industry but they cannot impact the growth of the industry. Industry is growing significantly and the future is very bright. If people associated with the industry will work together these problems will vanish automatically. Kevin Arts works with the mindset to deliver the best quality products and services with full satisfaction to our customers. ROI is not the only thing on which we focus. To us, what actually matters is customer experience.”

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