Kama launches digital positioning system for full format

German manufacturer, Kama has launched a digital positioning system, Kama CPX 106 for the accelerated set-up of clichés in blind embossing and hot foil finishing. The software-supported system replaces the time-consuming positioning of clichés, including fine adjustment in the embossing machine and can be used for all common flat-bed finishing machines for sheet format B1. This helps reduce makeready time by up to 90%.

13 Jan 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

The CPX software calculates the target position (rotated, mirrored) and takes into account the thermal expansion of the embossing plate and clichés. The rolling out of the print sheet is also included in the reference data, so that the clichés can be mounted directly on the target position on the plate by camera-based alignment on the screen. No measuring, no cutting out, no subsequent corrections on the hot plate and virtually no waste. Operators quickly have the positioning system under control with intuitive user guidance.

Customised adapters make the Kama solution compatible with embossing plates from different manufacturers of B1 machines, such as Bobst, Gietz or Heidelberg/MK. All embossing plates up to a size of 860x1,300-mm can be clamped in the CPX with repeat accuracy. Since the set-up work is performed on the CPX 106, this increases the availability of the embossing machine, which can still produce another job during the setup time.

"After the successful introduction of our positioning system for half format and 70 installations worldwide, we received several requests from customers for a solution for larger formats. This gave us the impetus to make the CPX 106 ready for series production”, Bernd Sauter, managing director, Kama, said. “Wherever register-precise embossing and hot foil finishing is required, printing companies can benefit from the CPX: in the finishing of greeting cards, labels, vouchers, and tickets as well as in the packaging market for high-quality folding cartons for brand manufacturers from food to technology or cosmetics.”

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