Jun Sudo assigned president of Komori India

Komori India, a subsidiary of Tokyo-headquartered Komori Corporation, has announced the assignment of Jun Sudo as the new president. With his experience of more than 25 years at Komori, Sudo has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience while serving the company in different capacities in different geographies.

10 May 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

Jun Sudo with the Komori India team

Joining the company in 1998, he started his career as a subsidiary marketing support member for North American and EMEA territories.  In 2005, he was promoted to sales and marketing Manager of Komori International (Europe) in The Netherlands for managing and developing EMEA distribution sales network and its sales administration and product management functions.

After expanding the distribution sales network into the Eastern European countries, he was assigned as a branch office manager of Komori Europe to establish a service branch office in the Czech Republic, supporting the boosting sales in central and eastern Europe. 

Since his return to Japan in 2011 as a sales and marketing manager for North America and EMEA subsidiaries, he also played a managerial role in the development of new digital printing and PESP business for North America and EMEA territories.

Sudo said, “I am excited and honoured to be in my new role at Komori India, being given the opportunity to understand and cater to our customers’ needs of the great nation and its neighbouring countries. I will endeavour to ensure our customers accrue topline benefits through our service and wish to take a meaningful part in advancing sustainable growth of the graphic arts industry and society of the region together with our team members.”

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