Jodhpur Trading Corporation installs Thermostar T9

Jodhpur Trading Corporation has invested in Thermostar T9 CTP supplied by TechNova Imaging Systems. Ashok Sancheti of Jodhpur Trading Corporation said the company decided to invest in the Thermostar T9 to offer best quality to its customers and to upgrade its existing technology.

29 May 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

(l-r) Pranay Sancheti and Ashok Sancheti of Jodhpur Trading Corporation

“As we were about to set up our own printing press in 2018, we were contacted by TechNova and were given detailed information and education about the Thermostar CTP along with its pros and cons. We were not ready and willing to invest a huge amount for CTP as we had already invested in an offset machine. But we finally went for it after studying the details and forecasting the upcoming market and technology and for that we completely give credit to TechNova,” Sancheti said.

Before the installation, the company was using Basysprint CTCP, on which it used Spartan Plates and CS Plates of TechNova.

Jodhpur Trading Corporation supplies chemicals, plates and inks for printing presses for Jodhpur and its nearby areas. The company also runs a pre-press unit and supply CTP plates to many printing presses. Along with it, it also owns a printing press, Navkar Offset LLP, in Jodhpur.

Sancheti said the Jodhpur market is yet to see a rise in demand for digital printing plates. “As we are in a price-sensitive market, customers only understand about minimising the rates, they don't understand about quality. Still, we try a lot to educate our customers regarding the benefits of Digital plates and convert them to use it,” he added.

He said the major challenge in the digital printing plates business, as per the market conditions, is cost, as customers tend to go for cheaper solutions.

He said it was not difficult to upgrade to Thermostar T9 as the company was already running a pre-press house and it was educated and trained by TechNova personnel. “If there were any challenges regarding change in software, they were smartly handled by the TechNova engineers,” he added.

The company has also installed a new Komori Enthrone 29 along with the Thermostar T9.

“After the installation of Thermostar T9, we have definitely benefited from the point of view of production, quality and customer satisfaction,” Sancheti said. “We don't get any rejections on plates that we expose, no scrum issues, no waiting time which results in increase in production. With Thermostar T9 we are able to print even 2% screen dots, with which we are able to assure quality to customers and have also satisfied all our customers.”