JMD Digital Art Xchange expands production capacity with EFI

Delhi-based JMD Digital Art Xchange has invested in a EFI Pro 32r+ 3.2-m roll-to-roll printer. The machine was supplied by Arrow Digital.

24 Dec 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

Anupam Gupta of JMD Digital Art Xchange with the EFI kit

Anupam Gupta of JMD Digital Art Xchange said, “Currently, the market is moving towards roll-to-roll jobs. There are many technologies in the market, but EFI Pro 32r+ is a true roll-to-roll printer. The print quality is jaw-dropping. The machine is way ahead of its competition. It gives us the confidence to tap more corporate clients, maintain the strict TATs, and be a differentiator.”

Using Ricoh Gen 5, the printer uses seven-pl UltraDrop technology, producing rich graphics and text with outstanding smoothness in shadows, gradients, and transitions with a resolution of up to 847-dpi and a blazing speed of 2756-ft2/hr. Above all of these features, it comes with the industry-leading LED curing technology and all its cost savings and environmental benefits. The printer provides an optional white with EFI UltraDrop technology, for those who want ultra-quality, ultra-crispness, and ultra-vibrancy.

EFI always prints with environmentally friendly inks made with renewable resources, thereby offering sustainable and eco-friendly printing solutions for its customers. The Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certifications accredited to EFI show its constant involvement and passion for the rising environmental concerns and its commitment towards offering Green Solutions.

Sam Patel, CEO & MD at Arrow Digital, said, “JMD and Arrow have been associated with each other for decades. Gupta has always been a game-changer and innovative thinker in the display graphics market and in the print industry. With his expertise and his love for quality printing, he has achieved great heights and has a long list of corporate clientele.”

Gupta added, “We have great confidence in EFI and Arrow for their unsurpassed support. With their help, our teams are always confident in plunging into disruptive technologies. We look forward to adding many more printers and innovative equipment from Arrow in the near future.”