Jinesh Mehta gives insights about organisational changes

At Print Summit 2023, held on 16 February, at NCPA, Mumbai, Jinesh Mehta, president and CEO, UT Pack; and CEO, Unitrade FZE, spoke about how changes can be led in an organisation and world-wide

16 Feb 2023 | By Abhay Avadhani

(r) Jinesh Mehta, CEO of UT Pack and Unitrade FZE

Jinesh Mehta started off his session by talking about how he expanded his family business for the first four or five years, after coming back from London. He expanded the company to around 45 companies world-wide. “After 2009, we branched out of the family business into a completely new segment, different geography and different industry,” Mehta said.

He explained about what the company does - It partners with brands and brand owners around the world, including a lot of designer fashion brands in US and Europe; and participates in the product development journey from concept creation, to designing the actual primary and secondary packaging.

Mehta interacted with a few celebrities like Katy Perry, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. He believes that we as a country, have the right minds, intellect, and the access to capital; but there are also some challenges we face in order to become a manufacturing superpower. He said that 80% of the company’s products are sourced. He emphasised the point of investing in the right technology, at the right cost and usage.

“The amount of investment that we can make if we have a technology that is appropriate and offered to neighbouring countries. Equipment-wise, we still try and get the best,” Mehta said. Mehta was asked for advice on how to approach when deciding to have a start-up. His answer was, “I don’t think that there is one right formula to follow. It depends on the resources available to you and how much you are willing to put yourself out at risk. Collaborations are great, if you can make them happen and try to form some strategic alliances. But working together with your inner-circle is important.”